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Pitch to Speak at State of Search Conference 2024

Of course you are! Let’s face it. State of Search is the hottest conference of the year, and we know you’ll want to be there. The food, the people, the venue – we’ve got it all in Dallas.

We receive an overwhelming number of people interested in speaking at each State of Search conference. In fact, we have so many that we could probably program 50 tracks and still have more speakers than available slots.

We are truly committed to collaborating with speakers who bring deep, advanced, and practical knowledge to our event. We are always eager to work with new individuals who possess these qualities.

By completing this form, we can gain insights into individuals who are interested in speaking at future events, learn more about their background, and effectively keep track of individuals we should engage in conversations with.

While we don’t have a formal pitch process, if we find your submission intriguing, we will definitely reach out to you when we are in search of speakers in the future.

Typically, we begin working on the event lineup nine months prior to the conference and finalize it seven months before the event.

**Please note that we only respond to successful speakers. We do not outright decline talks; instead, we invite speakers in waves and keep options open in case slots become available closer to the event. Additionally, we consider rolling forward pitches for future events.**

Here are some crucial guidelines to consider before presenting your talk idea.

  • Our audience consistently seeks actionable, practical how-to information that our attendees can learn from. The ideal outcome of a talk is to provide attendees with a list of tasks to add to their to-do list, tools to investigate, and books to read.
  • We are much more likely to program specific talks. If you pitch an idea like “social media marketing” or even “link building,” it becomes challenging for us to understand exactly what you plan to talk about. The more detailed the title and description, the higher the chance we will be interested in the idea.
  • Avoid discussing the basics – Although there may be some beginners attending State of Search, it is advisable to steer clear of general theorizing on abstract subjects and stating obvious tips. Our audience is well-versed in the digital marketing field.
  • Avoid pitching overly self-promotional talk ideas such as “how to use our tool” or “here’s our great client results” as they may not appeal to our audience.
  • Use relevant and timely research data. If you are able to include the results of a study or research, you should do so. This will greatly increase the likelihood of us programming your talk.
  • Be authoritative – you must have a deep understanding of their subject, and this should be evident in your delivery. If you are not fully knowledgeable about the topic, it may be better to choose a different subject to pitch.
  • Tighten your topic – Our talks are limited to thirty minutes, so it’s crucial to have a clear and specific idea of what you want to cover. When in doubt, opt for a narrower topic, as it allows you to delve into the details within that specific area, rather than being too general.

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