Official Hotel for 2019 State of Search to be Announced Soon

See Where We Stayed in 2018 In 2018, DFWSEM had a fabulous hotel located near the State of Search conference as well as the vibrant Dallas nightlife. Newly renovated, the Indigo Hotel is one of Dallas’ best hotel destinations for business or leisure travel guests. Built in 1925 as the first Hilton hotel, Hotel Indigo is one…

Markee Marketing to the Funky Bunch: Casey Markee on the Art of Storytelling

Comic books, croissants, and classic narrative devices

Casey Markee
This is the face of a man who knows marketing. And comics.

State of Search is a marketing conference, but some things are just too important not to mention. Casey Markee has met Stan Lee, y’all. Twice. In the hierarchy of nerddom, that makes him a knight. To honor this fact he shall be referred to as Sir Casey for the duration of this blog.

Danny Don’t Surf: Danny Sullivan’s Keynote on What’s Happening and What’s Next

Desktop surfing isn’t over, but search has changed

Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan shows digital marketers the signposts for the SEO future at State of Search

State of Search keynotes are getting entirely out of hand, y’all. We started with Danny Sullivan. You know who he is. Search Engine Land Supreme Overlord/Founding Editor. The man Ken Auletta called, “the closest approximation to an umpire in the search world.” The guy who makes you jealous with his sunset shots on Twitter.

He came with the bad news, then the good news, then the inspiration. Because that’s how we do it at DFWSEM.