John LeeFacebook Ads is an ever growing channel in the digital advertising space. As this channel and it’s importance grows, so does frustration over the tedious nature of managing and administrating pages and accounts. Individual users create pages or ads accounts via their personal accounts. This leads to issues over ownership and a business’s ability to “own” these assets for the long haul. Similarly, agencies have struggled with these processes for their clients. Facebook has a way to group accounts together for agencies, but even this system is flawed.

Finally, Facebook has come to their senses and given us the Business Manager. This utility enables individuals associated to pages or ads accounts to assign these assets to a business and/or an agency via the Business Manager. At that point, administrative rights can be shared, and more importantly, passed from one individual to another – thus eliminating squabbles or concerns over ownership at the business level. Business Manager streamlines not only account access, but also the creation of pages and ads accounts. Efficiency is the name of the game and Facebook has knocked it out of the park with Business Manager.

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