Beyond the “Countdown”: Have More Fun by Using PPC Ad Customizers

Matt Umbro shows PPC practitioners how to personalize ads by making them more granular

Matt Umbro - State Of Search 2016

Everyone says “market to the customer” these days. But how do you market to the customer with a simple PPC text ad and its limited amount of characters?

  • DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) but can be problematic.
  • Ad extensions are no longer a way to stand out, as they are now a requirement.

With everyone using the same platform, how do you stand out?

Ad customizers, of course!

And Matt Umbro of Hanapin Marketing and PPCChat showed us how.

SMB PPC FTW: Kirk Williams Shows Small Businesses How To Win With PPC

A lesson in three-letter acronyms, surviving PPC for small-and-medium-sized businesses

Dedicated staff. Marketing budgets with commas (sometimes more than one!) The buffer to fail.

Large brands have it all. In a world of large brands, can SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) compete? During his State of Search presentation, Kirk Williams said though it’ll be tough, SMBs can compete and win against brands.

But how do we even define SMBs?

John Gagnon

John Gagnon Says Arizona State Basketball Fans Are Better At Strategy Than You

Find success by taking a different approach with your marketing campaigns

John Gagnon
John Gagnon makes a pointed remark.

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. This holds truer at no time more than it does when fans at basketball games attempt to distract players on the opposing team while they shoot free throws; many players have learned to tune the fans and the distraction out.

However, Arizona State fans have taken a different approach with their free-throw distraction, called the “Curtain of Distraction”. Each time a player on the opposing team attempts to shoot a free throw, something different pops out from behind the curtain.

Life in Deep Ellum mural

Time to Talk Tracks

State of Search programming from analytics to SEO

Life in Deep Ellum mural
We’re fitting a lot of learning inside Life in Deep Ellum

DFWSEM doesn’t dream small. When we set out to redefine the regional conference for our industry, an ordinary venue wasn’t going to cut it. Deep Ellum will give State of Search a vibe impossible to generate in the beige box of a suburban hotel with the same old industrial carpet and boring networking. And if you’re reading this, you’re ready for something different.

So you already know that State of Search is going to be valuable. You already know that State of Search is going to be innovative. But maybe you’d like to know a little more of what State of Search is going to offer.