SMB PPC FTW: Kirk Williams Shows Small Businesses How To Win With PPC

A lesson in three-letter acronyms, surviving PPC for small-and-medium-sized businesses

Dedicated staff. Marketing budgets with commas (sometimes more than one!) The buffer to fail.

Large brands have it all. In a world of large brands, can SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) compete? During his State of Search presentation, Kirk Williams said though it’ll be tough, SMBs can compete and win against brands.

But how do we even define SMBs?

Mark Traphagen Hates Your Tweets

Stone Temple pilots us into social media’s impact on SEO

Ok, Mark Traphagen doesn’t really hate your tweets. (Unless you’re still tweeting about planking, in which case we’d all like to have a chat with you. Get in touch with your inner Elsa and let it go, friend.) But he does have a bit of insight into how your tweets — and everyone else’s — may be connected to those sweet, sweet SERPs.

Senior Director of Brand Evangelism for Stone Temple, Mark spoke at State of Search on social, SEO and the effect of one on the other. Does social matter to ranking? Well, it depends.

How To Create ***Flawless Videos: A Lesson From Deandre Upshaw (With An Assist From Beyoncé)

Video isn’t an option – it’s a must.


Say what you want about her, but we could all learn something from Beyoncé.

She’s a master of her art and creates some of music’s most engaging content, both audio and visual. She understands how the two compliment each other and uses both to give the user an experience like no other.


As he walked out to “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé, it was clear that Deandre Upshaw had learned a thing or two from her (including how to have the fiercest walk-on of any speaker at State of Search). And we all learned a thing or two from him as he shared his expertise on creating video that users will love.

Own the SERP Market Share Like Garrett Mehrguth

Optimize for #1. Not #8.


We were just three sessions into State of Search 2016, but it seemed that a theme had already developed:

“SEO is dead, but…”

Danny Sullivan said it.

Ryan Mclaughlin said it.

SEOs are tired of hearing that their industry is dead when it’s largely untrue.

But what’s a theme without a variation? Luckily, Garrett Mehrguth was here to save us from hearing it again.

Danny Don’t Surf: Danny Sullivan’s Keynote on What’s Happening and What’s Next

Desktop surfing isn’t over, but search has changed

Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan shows digital marketers the signposts for the SEO future at State of Search

State of Search keynotes are getting entirely out of hand, y’all. We started with Danny Sullivan. You know who he is. Search Engine Land Supreme Overlord/Founding Editor. The man Ken Auletta called, “the closest approximation to an umpire in the search world.” The guy who makes you jealous with his sunset shots on Twitter.

He came with the bad news, then the good news, then the inspiration. Because that’s how we do it at DFWSEM.