Your Weekend State of Search Download

So you’re coming to State of Search in Dallas?

Deep Ellum State of Search

Let’s be honest, where else would you want to be other than State of Search? From the speakers to the food, it’s going to be the biggest State of Search yet, and your DFWSEM conference team is determined to make this the conference you’ll never forget. In fact, it feels like the whole of Dallas is waiting for you to arrive so we can get this party started!

We’re sure you’ve heard the expression “everything’s bigger in Texas,” well when it comes to conferences, we guaran-damn-tee it folks. This thing is BIG. And it all revolves around YOU!

So we just wanted to say “Hey,” drop a little local knowledge for you if you’re planning on enjoying the weekend in Dallas, and set you up with everything you need to know.

If you’re coming in early to take advantage of a stellar Dallas warm-up weekend, here’s a quick wrap up of things that are happening around town in the next 48 hours or so:

Saturday 14th November

  • Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild at American Airlines Center 7.00pm
  • Motocross – Nitro Arena Cross Tour at Mesquite Arena 7.30pm
  • Elm Street Tattoo and Music Festival at The Bomb Factory 24 Hours
  • ArtCon 11 at Artcon Warehouse 7.00pm
  • Peter Pan 360 under the Big Top in the Dallas Arts District 11.30am, 3.30pm, 7.30pm

Sunday 15th November

  • Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild at American Airlines Center 7.00pm
  • Elm Street Tattoo and Music Festival at The Bomb Factory 24 Hours
  • Peter Pan 360 under the Big Top in the Dallas Arts District 1.30pm, 5.30pm, 7.30pm
  • And don’t forget you can check out Perot Museum of Nature and Science any time!

Dallas Will Shine Because You’re Here…

Apparently some pesky weather forecasters out there are suggesting a little rainy weather is rolling into Dallas next week, so please plan accordingly. Our conference is downtown, lunch is off-site, and walking will be required. You might get wet, you might not. We’re working on that. Our Ninja Conference Director James Loomstein has a call set up with the weather gods tomorrow, so we’re expecting sunshine anyway — but don’t say we didn’t give you the heads up.

Now, let’s get to the housekeeping:

The conference will be happening in the amazing Deep Ellum district, near downtown Dallas. Registration opens with Breakfast at 7am on Monday and 8am on Tuesday.

You’ll find us here…

Conference Location
Life in Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor Street
Dallas, Texas 75226

The conference center is one mile from the conference hotel. That’s a 20-minute walk to fill your lungs with oxygen and gear up mentally for the massive download of information, tips, and tactics that will be coming your way throughout the day.

State of Search Hotel
Hotel Indigo
1933 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

If walking isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered…

We will be running a shuttle to and from the hotel each day. e-frogs will be on hand to get you to and from parking lots, lunch and to the Half-Time party. Dallas also has Uber – you’re covered. Oh, and we wrote a blog about it – click here.

And now it’s time to crank up the party, people!

Half-Time Party
2709 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226

Following Gary Illyes’ presentation Monday. Our party is scheduled to start at 7:00. We’re planning on heading over at 6:00/6:30. Food trucks will be onsite at 6:00 – including The Butcher’s Son – so don’t waste any time heading over. We don’t want you to miss a minute!

If there are things you still want to know, don’t worry. You’ll be hearing from us again several times from now through the end of the event. We’ll do our best to make sure you have everything you need along the way. And don’t forget, if you have questions when you are at the conference, you can ask our concierge.

See you Monday!

Timothy Huneycutt is the SEO Coordinator at DealerOn, Inc., where he helps beef up his clients’ sites to rank well in Google Search. When he’s not neck-deep in reports, he enjoys reading, writing, and binging shows on Netflix (are there any Whovians in the house?). For more fresh insights in all things SEO and nerd-culture, you can follow him on Twitter – @Timotheous128