Time to Talk Tracks

State of Search programming from analytics to SEO

Life in Deep Ellum mural
We’re fitting a lot of learning inside Life in Deep Ellum

DFWSEM doesn’t dream small. When we set out to redefine the regional conference for our industry, an ordinary venue wasn’t going to cut it. Deep Ellum will give State of Search a vibe impossible to generate in the beige box of a suburban hotel with the same old industrial carpet and boring networking. And if you’re reading this, you’re ready for something different.

So you already know that State of Search is going to be valuable. You already know that State of Search is going to be innovative. But maybe you’d like to know a little more of what State of Search is going to offer. 

Let’s talk programming

With new speaking pitches rolling in every day, there will be lots of programming to choose from for every type of marketing pro, whether you’re in-house, in an agency, or in biz for yourself. And we have five study tracks to prove it.

SEO & Local SEO

SEO, of course, is the art and science of ranking well across search engines (without paying them directly). We’ll be offering actionable information on indexing, optimizing, and backlinking for both broad and local searches. Bring your white hat, though; no one is getting penalized by Google on our watch.

Social media

Do you need followers? Sure. But this track will be talking about how to mobilize those followers to save, share, and evangelize about your content. What makes a tweet trend? What makes a pin pop? How do you get your Facebook statuses in front of real faces? Our speakers have you covered.

Paid media

Despite panicky statements to the contrary, PPC and banner ads aren’t going to vanish any time soon. But you can’t expect to generate revenue by just bidding on keywords and crossing your fingers. This track will explore affiliate marketing, display marketing, and how to get the kind of traffic that will make your investment worthwhile.

Analytics & attribution

Are you ready to do a deep dive into data? This is the track for you. More analysis than you can shake a database at, with plenty of real-world tips to help you pinpoint exactly where in your campaign a browser became a buyer.

Emerging trends & tactics

This is the up and coming goodness. We’re talking mobile. We’re talking wearables. We’re talking video and content strategies and all the cool stuff that makes people excited about not just the Internet, but the Internet of Things. Expect the unexpected in this track.

Texas flag and musicians mural
Even the programming is bigger in Texas

As you can see, there will be plenty to make State of Search worth your while. And to make sure you stay focused, we’ll have pastries and coffee each morning. For lunch, you’ll have a wide array of delectable Deep Ellum restaurants to choose from (all within walking distance or a short eFrog ride away).

Don’t miss out! State of Search tickets are going faster than anticipated, and you don’t want to be the only one who tries to get in without a ticket after they’ve sold out.

Stephanie_StuderStephanie Studer is a writer, editor, cook, and massive nerd who calls Dallas home. A social and content marketer, she’s deeply in love with all that language can do. She blogs at storytellingforsuccess.wordpress.com, tweets at @Editrix_Steph, and posts entirely too many pictures of dishes she’s made on Instagram. Don’t ask her about ukuleles or comic books unless you have nothing to do for the next several hours.