Small business is tough and freelancing in digital marketing might be even tougher. Learn from Wil Reynolds, Duane Forrester and Zeph Snapp at State of Search 2016

The Search Doctors are in and Ready to Answer Your Questions

They started right where you are – now they’re here to help you grow

Small business is tough and freelancing in digital marketing might be even tougher. Learn from Wil Reynolds, Duane Forrester and Zeph Snapp at State of Search 2016
It’s the Power panel of the year! Duane Forrester, Zeph Snapp and Wil Reynolds sit down with straight-shootin’ moderator Sean Dolan for the Q&A session you’ve always wanted at your favorite conference. GAME ON!

Whether you’ve been around the block a few times, or are just starting out, the world of digital marketing can be tough to break into. That’s why conferences like State of Search can be so great for small businesses – it’s the perfect place to network new people and get a better understanding of big picture ideas. But big picture ideas don’t always help small businesses – not when you’re trying to dig in and get things started.

You need genuine insights and real plans of action. More than that, you have questions that need answering, and they’re not just about SEO. You want to know how to land the good clients, how to build lasting relationships, and how to take it all to the next level.

That’s why we’ve assembled our own team of Small Biz Avengers for a down-and-dirty, straight-talking, Texas-style Q/A you can only find at State of Search.

Featuring Duane Forrester from Bruce Clay International, Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive and Zeph Snapp from Altura Interactive, this incredible Q&A session is taking place at 11:35am on Day Two (aka, Tuesday morning) in the South Side Music Hall. And just so you know we really mean business, we’ve pulled in Sean Dolan from Pushfire to moderate the session.

Ask the questions you really want to ask

We don’t know about y’all, but we’ve sat through Q&A sessions in the past where panelists only answer pre-selected questions, and the few audience questions that make it to the mic are limited to a specific realm of focus. We don’t play that game.

This session is aimed specifically at business owners and those of you who are thinking of jumping into the freelance game. We’re giving you the chance to ask this stellar panel the hard questions – like what they struggled with to get where they are now, and how they overcame whatever obstacles were in their path. And we promise you’ll get real answers, because Duane, Wil, and Zeph really do understand where you’re coming from.

Real talk from real experts who really get it

Not a single one of these experts slid on over from the corporate side of the industry. Duane Forrester started as a regular guy building websites. Wil and Zeph each started with a handful of random freelance clients – and now look where they are! These guys started with small businesses. They were the little guys you hear so much about. They all understand every phase of not just starting a small business or freelance gig, but also growing them into viable, thriving, sustainable careers.

They’re also here to help straighten out any warped or undesirable ideas you may have run across while starting up your own business, or pursuing freelance jobs. We said it’s going to be straight-talkin’, so be prepared for a healthy dose of snarky truth-telling. There will be no fluff. There will be no glossy half-truths. Just real conversation, real answers, and real tools to help you establish and strengthen your chosen career path.

A change of pace for State of Search – and some extra savings!

This panel, along with our Elevation Breakfast for women in marketing, is marking a shift in how we aim to help State of Searchers learn and grow in this rapid-paced industry we all know and love. It’s not just a feel-good conference to get you excited about your job, and it’s not just a giant party (though we are going to have a killer Half Time Party after Day One). We want State of Search to give you the tools and knowledge to not only strengthen your business, but also sharpen your skill set. If we can do that, we’ll consider our job done.

If you haven’t already registered for the conference and secured your ticket, but you want to talk with this amazing panel, we’ve got a special deal just for you! Register below using the code SEARCHDOCTORS to knock $100 off the cost of your ticket. But tickets are going fast, so be sure to register today! We can’t wait to see you there, and hear all your questions.