State of Search 2016 Slide Decks

Speakers from around the world bring future-focused content to Dallas audience

State of Search 2016 slide decks were outstanding this year as speakers stepped up their presentation game in every room, including the Main Stage at Gilley's in Dallas, TX.
State of Search 2016 Main Stage at Gilley’s in Dallas, TX.

State of Search 2016 brought together 44 of the world’s most sought-after speakers for two incredible days of digital marketing awesomeness in Dallas, Texas. The atmosphere was palpable as each new speaker stepped up to begin their presentation, and revealed the depth of knowledge and skill encapsulated in every slide deck. It seemed 2016 was the year of “bringing your ‘A’ game”, with the vast majority of slide decks hitting a level of excellence not seen before. Watching every new presentation revealed was just the best way to discover the lengths our speakers will go to in order to wow the State of Search audience.

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Danny Sullivan

Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan kicked off the conference with his opening keynote presentation The State of Search. Danny took us through a succession of changes from the past 25 years, with a core focus on those that have come most recently. He concluded with one truism –

the curious, the questioning, the always-exploring search marketer sees change as opportunity

[slideshare id=68914362&doc=01dannysullivan11-14845am-161114171314]

Deep Learning Sessions

2016 saw the introduction of several new ideas for State of Search. Among these were our Deep Learning Sessions, each giving attendees an opportunity to take a deeper look at the session topic with an expert presenter. These sessions were made possible by our State of Search sponsors.

Rob Bucci

[slideshare id=69301537&doc=44robbucci11-15325pm-161119181721]

Bill Hartzer

[slideshare id=69300841&doc=36billhartzer15-111055am-161119173408]

Jon Henshaw

[slideshare id=68922536&doc=state-of-search-slideshare-161114201100]


Joel Acheson

Joint presentation with Erin Robbins

[slideshare id=69302155&doc=erinrobbinsjoelacheson11-14155pm-161119185808]

Chris Alvares

[slideshare id=69299873&doc=42chrisalvares11-15210pm-161119164102]

Sana Ansari

[slideshare id=69301893&doc=sanaansari11-141-161119184144]

Alan Bleiweiss

[slideshare id=69802356&doc=alanbleiweiss11-15130pm-161204092836]

Duane Brown

[slideshare id=69300184&doc=46duanebrown11-15335pm-161119165743]

Chris Dayley

[slideshare id=69799096&doc=03chrisdayley11-14155pm-161204032534]

Sean Dolan

[slideshare id=69802471&doc=sean-dolan-state-of-search-dallas-2016-with-notes-final2-161204093806]

Eric Enge

[slideshare id=68915227&doc=stateofsearch2016machinelearningandsearchshortened110116-161114172804]

[slideshare id=68915593&doc=stateofsearch2016penguin4-161114173451]

Joshua Graham

[slideshare id=69303284&doc=joshuagraham11-14240pm-161119201301]

Ashley Berman Hale

[slideshare id=69301671&doc=ashleybermanhale11-14155pm-161119182631]

Sean Jackson

[slideshare id=69802304&doc=seanjackson11-141040am-161204092320]

Kelsey Jones

[slideshare id=69301832&doc=kelseyjones11-14955am-161119183701]

Katy Katz

[slideshare id=69300765&doc=49katykatz11-15335pm-161119172958]

Kyle Lacy

[slideshare id=69802447&doc=kylelacy15-11430pm-161204093608]

Dan Leibson

[slideshare id=68915574&doc=01danleibson1115955-161114173426]

Elizabeth Marsten

[slideshare id=69300689&doc=43elizabethmarsten11-150130pm-161119172553]

Ryan McLaughlin

[slideshare id=68913642&doc=sos2016new-161114170004]

Garrett Mehrguth

[slideshare id=68919652&doc=garrettmehrguth11-141040am-161114190057]

Kelvin Newman

[slideshare id=69019986&doc=kelvinnewman-marketingrobotoverlordsdallasstateofsearch-161115201252]

Adam Reimer

[slideshare id=69299479&doc=35adamriemer11-151055am-161119161634]

Erin Robbins

Joint presentation with Joel Acheson

[slideshare id=69302155&doc=erinrobbinsjoelacheson11-14155pm-161119185808]

Bill Sebald

[slideshare id=69143916&doc=billsebald11-152-55pm-161117032321]

Matt Siltala

[slideshare id=69299987&doc=44mattsiltala11-15255pm-161119164716]

Andrew Shotland

[slideshare id=69300313&doc=38andrewshotland11-151055am-161119170452]

Jennifer Slegg

[slideshare id=69299938&doc=jenniferslegg11-14320-161119164428]

Stephan Spencer

[slideshare id=69302112&doc=04stephanspencer11-14320pm-161119185520]

Mark Traphagen

[slideshare id=69301456&doc=41marktraphagen11-15210pm-161119181301]

Gyi Tsakalakis

[slideshare id=68920164&doc=gyitsakalakis-11-14-1120a-161114191349]

Matt Umbro

[slideshare id=69300633&doc=40mattumbro11-151135-161119172227]

Deandre Upshaw

[slideshare id=69802228&doc=02deandreupshaw11-141120am-161204091524]

Kirk Williams

[slideshare id=69300235&doc=36kirkwilliams11-151010am-161119170024]