James Loomstein

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DFWSEM Goes Big, Not Home

James Loomstein
State of Search Director and SMU Adjunct Professor James Loomstein provides leadership to DFWSEM board members about the upcoming State of Search conference.

Bringing street cred to State of Search

You’ve heard us talk about them before – the big brains that make up DFWSEM.

As it turns out, we’re not the only people that think they’re a big deal. People from around the country recently attended Pubcon in Las Vegas to hear some of our very own share their digital marketing expertise. Dallas is quickly becoming the place to learn about the dynamic industry of digital marketing, and we’re not just saying this because the State of Search Conference is right around the corner. You have grabbed your tickets, haven’t you?

Pubcon speakers double as State of Search planners

James Loomstein from Digital Space Consulting gave us the 411 on why most marketing agencies are falling short. He helped us understand the key difference between a high growth and a lifestyle company, and how your team plays such a key role in reaching your end goal.

James explains that to build a successful interactive marketing team is to understand what your competencies are and focus your efforts on those superpowers. Why should you trust him? Beyond possessing over a decade of real world internet marketing experience, he serves as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University.

Dan Sturdivant gave a killer presentation on Social, SEO, and Content, explaining how each aspect is important to your business. While SEO involves site accessibility, keyword research, and search verticals, you still need a tool like social media to promote your company and focus on community management.

To wrap it all up, Dan painted a strong metaphor on how content is king, but distribution is queen – the strongest player on your chessboard. With tips and tricks like these, it’s no wonder Dan is a pro at digital marketing. Then again, his 20+ years of experience in the field could have something to do with that too.

Damon Gochneaur
Active DFWSEM board member Damon Gochneaur gave an eye opening presentation at Pubcon on the importance of targeting small groups for content creation.

The founder of Aspiro Agency, Damon Gochneaur, came to help us get off the content creation hamster wheel – and instead make something worth reading. While half the marketing community is creating content for the masses and the other half is creating content for individuals, Damon insists that both sides are way off base. Instead, he suggests that we create content for small groups, the way most people make decisions.

By keeping the mindset of creating valuable content instead of just “publishing now,” Damon has built an impressive list of big and small businesses that he’s helped with local SEO, social media management and PPC management.
Susan Wenograd is an expert on Google Shopping Campaigns and managing paid search. Her constant presence in industry blogs made her a no-brainer pick for Pubcon this year. She began her funny and upbeat presentation by filling us in on the top three pitfalls of paid search campaigns: lack of control, lack of structure, and using Google’s defaults.

Susan’s focus on structure and funneling helped walk us though how to structure our keyword bids. Then she followed it up with some sound advice to experiment with bids as necessary. Needless to say, we’re happy that this PPC guru in Dallas.

Doing Frickin’ Well (DFW)

dfwsem mafia
The big brains of Big D known as the Dallas Mafia made quite the impression at Pubcon 2015

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. All told, 14 DFWSEM members spoke at Pubcon this year, lighting up Vegas with wit, wisdom, and the #DallasMafia hashtag. RankHammer brought the US Search Award for Best Small Agency back to Texas, and big-name folks were talking about how much they were looking forward to DFWSEM’s State of Search.

We’ve got a lot to be proud of here in DFW. So spread the word — that acronym now stands for Doing Frickin’ Well.