Gary Illyes and friends ready to skydive

State of Search Officially Awesome, Features Gary Illyes

Get ready for Google greatness

Gary Illyes and friends ready to skydive
Gary Illyes, on the right, prepares to jump out of a perfectly good airplane

In case you were still on the fence about attending the State of Search conference on November 16-17, allow this news to give you a gentle nudge. Googler Gary Illyes is coming to Dallas, and will be appearing exclusively at State of Search to give one of our keynote presentations.

Yep, that Gary Illyes. Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google Switzerland. International in-demand speaker. Google Webmaster Central Blog voice of reason. He’ll be mingling with other local, national, and international marketing mavens in Deep Ellum. And frankly, you’d be a fool to miss this opportunity to join him. 

His official bio reads as follows: 

Gary Illyes is a Webmaster Trends Analyst dedicated to creating a better search experience for users by helping webmasters create amazing websites. When not crunching data to find ways to improve web search, Gary is contributing to the Webmaster Central Blog and helps users debug their websites in the Google Webmaster Forums.

Prior joining Google in 2011, Gary was teaching online journalism in Romania and abroad. He was a technical consultant for several high profile media outlets, and he spent his free time on online forums helping webmasters troubleshoot web- and news-search related issues. He has studied IT at the University of Phoenix and holds an associate’s degree in journalism from the Ady Endre College of Journalism in Romania.

Even more than the official bio shows, Gary is in demand. Webmaster questions? He’s your man. Web security? That, too. He was even the go-to guy for information about the mobile search algorithm that rolled out this spring. In fact, Gary wrote Google’s current implementation of the rel-alternate-hreflang annotation, including the most recent update from 2013.

And while the secrecy surrounding Google’s algorithms may have many thinking of Gary as an International Man of Mystery, the truth is, he’s more of an International Man of Action. Put simply, he loves to venture beyond the boundaries of normal everyday experience. From diving to driving to skydiving and everything between, Gary likes to take his fun to the extreme.

So there you have it. Gary Illyes. Duane Forrester. Rand Fishkin. And many more industry pros offering five tracks of world-class programming in Dallas’ own Deep Ellum. At a fraction of the cost of other national events, what else could you possibly be waiting for? Tickets are selling fast, so register today, before they’re sold out.

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