Real Panels for the Real World

You wanna get real or what?

Get Real panel for small business and freelancers in 2016 featured Duane Forrester, Zeph Snapp and Wil Reynolds. This year the panel is back with a new face or two on board.
Last year we introduced the first Get Real Panel for small business and freelancers. Duane Forrester, Wil Reynolds and Zeph Snapp took up the challenge to “get real’ from moderator Sean Dolan. You loved it and you asked for more…

Not to be immodest, but there were a lot of heavy-hitting events at last year’s State of Search. Emphatically among them was the Q&A session with Duane Forrester, Wil Reynolds, and Zeph Snapp, capably moderated by Sean Dolan. In fact, the only complaint we got about that panel? It was too short.

We heard you. Check it out.

Get Real for Small Business and Freelancers

Duane Forrester and Zeph Snapp are back to panel it up again, not just a reprise but an expansion and a mediation on a theme. Targeting small business owners and freelancers but open to all, we’ve expanded this from a mere half-hour to a full 50 minute session — and we anticipate the other guests (Top Secret as of this writing) will blow you away as well.

That’s how we’ll defeat the post-lunch lethargy on Day One at State of Search. But then we’re going to explode it on Day Two with three finely-targeted Get Real panels for specific spheres to further your badassery in local search, PPC, or entrepreneurial mojo.

Get Real x 3

Got Google grief? Want to sweeten your local search standings? Need to get all up in the algorithm? Local search superstars Joy Hawkins, Gyi Tsakalakis, and Greg Gifford will be answering your questions in their panel, Get Real on Local Search.

Need some TLC for your PPC? Don’t worry, y’all. We have you covered there, too. Check out this lineup: Jason Dailey, Purna Virji (I know, right?), and Sana Ansari will unfold the mysteries of the paid universe, expertly moderated by David Szetela in Get Real on Paid Search.

State of Search is excited about the place where digital marketing and entrepreneurship overlap. So we’re adding more startup-focused programming this year, and this panel is gonna rock your socks. Gillian Muessig and Larry Kim are helming Get Real for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Yes, for those of you playing along at home, that does mean three of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in the world will be hanging out at State of Search.

Get Real on Google

As if that’s not enough in our Get Real on Google session Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes will take a seat on the stage across from TheSEMPost editor Jenn Slegg. She’ll be looking for straight answers to questions on the latest algorithm updates, SERP changes, and Mobile First flip.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tuchus to Texas. Let’s do this.

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