Purna Virji: The Wonder Woman of PPC Returns to State of Search

Our favorite BingAds expert is back in a bigger role than ever before

Purna Virji - our wonder woman of SEO
Purna Virji from BingAds was chosen 2016’s most influential PPC expert by PPCHero, but she’ll be taking us all beyond voice search with her Introductory Keynote at State of Search. | Photo credit – Matt Siltala

The lack of support for women in tech is an issue we take seriously at State of Search. We know there’s a gender gap – as our own Stephanie Studer mentioned in her post about our Elevation Breakfast, only 30% of pitches received by conference organizers are from women, and this year barely 20% of State of Search pitches came from women. Obviously, this is a huge concern.

We know plenty of smart and savvy women in the digital marketing sphere, both here in the DFW area and across the world. That’s why we’re hosting Elevation Breakfast. We plan to wrestle with the issue and (hopefully) arrive at some actionable answers so we can provide better support to our sisters in arms. But we’re also doing our best to provide a platform for the incredible speakers who do pitch for conferences, and one of those amazing ladies is Purna Virji.

In her spare time she knits scarves

In case you’re not aware who Purna is, she’s the Senior BingAds Training Manager at Microsoft, a speaker of six languages, and a knitter of scarves (this last fact is in pretty much all of her bios, so we’d be remiss to exclude it). She was also named by PPC Hero as the #1 Most Influential PPC Expert in the World. That’s right. She doesn’t just speak six languages. She teaches in them too. She’s also travelled to more than 100 cities across the world, and believes Portugal to be the most interesting place she’s ever visited – but that’s beside the point.

Purna is one of the most knowledgeable thought leaders on voice search and the integration of future technologies (including SEO) with PPC.

First time for everything

This will be the third year Purna has graced us with her presence at State of Search to bestow her expertise upon us, but 2016 is a little different. For the first time, she is stepping up to present the very first of two introductory keynotes we created for the State of Search agenda this year. She will also be on the panel of experts during the Tuesday morning Elevation Breakfast, because we know y’all won’t be able to get enough of her in just one keynote (there is a reason she’s returning for a third year).

Last year, we had Jason Channell interview Purna about how she got into marketing, how she pivoted into PPC, and how to help clients grow their business online. It’s a fascinating read if you have some extra time, as it provides not only practical PPC advice, but personal insight into Purna’s thought process when it comes to digital marketing.

Speaking of, did you know Purna hosted a Reddit AMA earlier this year? You can check it out by clicking here. It’s a treasure trove of information about SEO, SEM, and voice search, as well as fun factoids about Purna – from how she prepares for presentations like the one she’s delivering at State of Search, to the fact that she always jokes about being “bi-searchual” in her equal love for SEO and PPC.

Hear Purna speak AND get $100 off your ticket

We are beyond thrilled to have Purna return to State of Search for the third time, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for her keynote. If you haven’t already registered for the conference, it’s not too late, and we have a special treat in store for you. Register below using the code WONDERWOMAN and we’ll give you $100 off the cost of your ticket.

But you’d better purchase that ticket quick! This wonder woman is a dynamic presenter you will not want to miss.