Ex-googler Dan Gilbert joins the paid search contingent at State of Search 2017

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Ex-googler Dan Gilbert joins the paid search contingent at State of Search 2017
Dan Gilbert of Brainlabs won’t be bringing his digital receptionist to State of Search, but he will be showing you how to get all up in the world of programmatic when he Keynotes on Day 2.

Are you paying money to Google, Bing, and Facebook to grow your business and not seeing the results you want?

You know there has to be a solution, right? Well there is, and it’s arriving on your doorstep this Monday, October 9. Y’all are coming to State of Search, aren’t ya’?

Gary Illyes from Google, Purna Virji from Bing, and Jason Dailey of Facebook will be speaking at State of Search next week. Not just speaking… they’ll also be wandering the halls of Gilley’s answering questions. Your questions.

That’s not enough?

This year’s State of Search speaker list includes the top three PPC Hero Influencers of 2017.

Larry Kim of Mobile Monkey (and founder of WordStream), Purna Virji of Bing Ads (yeah, we know we mentioned her before, but she is just THAT awesome!), and Daniel Gilbert of Brain Labs are all speaking in individual sessions.

But there’s more

Then there’s our super sized Q&A Panel, Get Real or Go Home — Playing it Straight on Paid Search. It’s an unbeatable recipe. Take three paid search experts who’ve been around the block a few times, add a moderator who knows the topic inside-out, and throw in a hungry crowd with questions (that’s y’all). It’s a no-holds barred opportunity to get real answers to real questions.

Who’s on this panel you ask? We have Facebook’s Jason Dailey, Purna Virji from BingAds, and Sana Ansari from 3Q Digital lining up with David Szetala who will be moderating this rowdy group. And with Dan Gilbert from Brainlabs on the roster, y’all might even be treated to a 4th panellist!! 😉

Still not enough?

Gil Hong from Distilled will be in the house, showing you the way to success with Shopping Ads, and Natalie Barreda is getting set to break down all the most popular paid search platforms so you can understand what will really work for you.

All this plus 40 more ground-breaking sessions in one conference. And they aren’t all about paid, but we’ll get to that later. Use Discount Code PPCDreamTeam to get $200 — yes, count them, two hundred bucks off the price of your two day ticket!

Can’t make it for the whole two days of State of Search? We’re bummed…but y’all don’t need to miss out completely. There’s still the option of a Single Day Pass for just $395 — that’s a sweet deal! But let’s make it even sweeter! Use the Discount Code PaidDayOut and get $100 off the cost of your single day ticket.

Hard to satisfy?

Hell, y’all are hard to please, but we have it covered. In fact, we’re all over it.

State of Search is a bottomless pit of digital marketing delightfulness.

We have everything from chatbots and AI to virtual reality, and solving the content conundrum. There’s SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Video Marketing, Site Migration, and understanding what brings web crawlers to a crushing halt.

It’s all here at State of Search, and it starts Monday October 9. Y’all don’t want to be the one who missed it all next week.

You can see the full agenda here.