Dr Pete Meyers from Moz is set to Keynote at State of Search 2017 Digital Marketing conference

Meet the Legendary Keynotes of State of Search 2017

Hang with some of the biggest and baddest names in the digital world

Dr Pete Meyers from Moz is set to Keynote at State of Search 2017 Digital Marketing conference
Dr Pete Meyers from Moz leads off a spectacular lineup for 2017, delivering the opening Keynote on October 9.

The State of Search train is rolling down the tracks, headed toward October, and if you haven’t already caught your ride, it’s time to get on board.

This year’s agenda is jam-packed with eye-opening content, world-leading experts, and a ton of new and returning features. We thought we’d start out by introducing you to our stellar Keynote speakers.

Meet Dr. Pete

Dr. Pete Meyers is a Marketing Scientist over at Moz, where he uses his kick-ass knowledge and know-how to conduct product research and produce data-driven content with their marketing and data science teams. He also keeps tabs on Google’s Algo History, and he’s the architect of the incredible MozCast Project.

This year marks his very first appearance at State of Search, and we’re excited to hear him present Paradigm Shifts: Can SEO Survive Google? In a time when things are already changing at a dizzying pace, strategy is key to success. Y’all are going to want to hear this one in person.

Bill turns up the heat 

Bill Hunt is a bit of a pioneer of SEO, optimizing his first pages way back in 1994. He’s an internationally recognized thought leader on enterprise and global search engine marketing. He’s also the CEO of Back Azimuth Consulting, where he oversees the development of cutting-edge keyword data mining models.

At State of Search, Bill will give us a hard-hitting look at where we are as an industry – what we’re getting right, what we’re getting wrong, and how we just might change our world.

Need to turn a blog into a global force? Just ask Gillian

Gillian Muessig is an absolute powerhouse of a human being. Not only did she co-found Moz, she also serves as an advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and hosts the radio program CEOcoach. A sought-after thought leader and counsellor in the startup industry, she thrives on mentoring and guiding companies to success.

Gillian’s keynote will be absolutely business focused – what will it actually take to do business, (and keep doing business) in today’s digital landscape? Where are trends taking us, how can we shape them ourselves, what are you building for the future, and do you know why? Gillian will also participate in our Second Annual Elevation Breakfast, and a brand new Get Real Panel for Startups and entrepreneurs. More news on that soon, so keep your ears open!

Duane takes us Future Forward

And finally, the man, the legend, the one and only Duane Forrester, who has served as our closing keynote every year since the conference was born! Duane is founding co-chair of SEMPO’s In-House SEM Committee, was formerly on the Board of Directors for SEMPO, used to run SEO for MSN, and was previously at Bing Webmaster Tools and Bruce Clay. Now he’s over at Yext as their VP of Industry Insights, where he’s doing some amazing work. He has also authored two books: How To Make Money With Your Blog and Turn Clicks Into Customers.

Duane is an unabashedly awesome futurist and a titan in the digital marketing world. He will close out the conference with a forward-looking tilt at where things are going in 2018 regarding technology, the world, where we fit, and where we need to be going in the year to come.

So yeah, you might have guessed this locomotive has kicked up a gear, and it’s thundering toward Dallas with a digital marketing conference payload like never before. Seats are Limited. Get yours now.

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