Lunch Lines

There’s no such thing as the boring lunch line here at State of Search

State of Search Lunch

We don’t want you standing in lines waiting for lunch while you’re here. Even though there has been a sprinkle or two of rain, things are holding together pretty well in the weather stakes so far. Conference Ninja James Loomstein has the weather Gods on speed dial, and perhaps more importantly, there are shuttles on hand to help you get to the restaurant of your choice should you need them.

Seriously though, many of the great Deep Ellum restaurants highlighted on your handy dandy info map are within a 5 or 10 minute walk from the venue.

If you’re really worried about the weather, pick up a rain poncho from the concierge desk on your way out.

If you have not already collected your State of Search Lunch Card yet, you MUST do that before you leave.

Lunch is on us for the next two days. Bring your badge to the concierge desk after 10 am, get it punched and collect your $30 pre-paid VISA gift card. Now you’re free to hit Deep Ellum’s coolest restaurants and eat anywhere you like during the 90-minute lunch break. Pretty swanky, right? Of course you’ll need to know what’s out there to choose from, so click here to download a map that shows you all the great places to eat. Download a problem? Pick up a copy at the concierge desk.

So take the chance to walk or ride over, find your new personal food nirvana and get to know your fellow State of Searchers along the way.

and if you need help to get back, you’ll find us here…

Conference Location
Life In Deep Ellum –
2803 Taylor Street
Dallas, Texas 75226

See you for the afternoon sessions at 1.30pm (you would be the most awesome crowd in the history of search conferences if you were in your seats and ready to rock at 1.25pm. You know you’re awesome, right?)

Things you still want to know? No problem. You’ll be hearing from us again several times from now through the end of the event. We’ll do our best to make sure you have everything you need along the way. And don’t forget, if you have questions when you are at the conference, you can ask our concierge.