Duane Forrester’s Next Gig

Bing’s loss is someone else’s gain. After coming and going (and coming and going) from Microsoft, Duane Forrester is heading to sunny Malibu to join Bruce Clay, Inc. as VP of Organic Search Operations.

Duane Forrester
These boots are made for walking right on in to Bruce Clay, Inc.

Duane and Bruce go back 18 years, but most recently worked together when they took their show on the road with Marty Weintraub and Maisha Walker for Search + Social. Now they’ll be working together full time and Duane couldn’t be happier.

Seriously. Y’all should’ve seen him grinning.

Growing up in a small business family, he’s always loved the part of his work that connects him with SMBs and shows them how to do and build more. But in his new role, he’ll be working with big brands too, a challenge he says he’s looking forward to. And on those days out of the office, well, the beach won’t be terrible place to get a little perspective.

Bruce Clay, Inc. isn’t a straight agency model, something else that has Duane pretty stoked. They have some pretty atypical training as well as some proprietary tools the former Bing webmaster is excited to get his hands on. But the main point that’s clearly closest to his heart is a focus on customer service.

“You either care, or you don’t,” he said. According to Duane, social media should be a vehicle for customer service — which not incidentally builds loyalty. We here at DFWSEM‘s State of Search anticipate some vastly improved customer service out there on the ‘net now that Duane is on the case.

Congrats, Duane. Go get ‘em.

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