How To Create ***Flawless Videos: A Lesson From Deandre Upshaw (With An Assist From Beyoncé)

Video isn’t an option – it’s a must.


Say what you want about her, but we could all learn something from Beyoncé.

She’s a master of her art and creates some of music’s most engaging content, both audio and visual. She understands how the two compliment each other and uses both to give the user an experience like no other.


As he walked out to “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé, it was clear that Deandre Upshaw had learned a thing or two from her (including how to have the fiercest walk-on of any speaker at State of Search). And we all learned a thing or two from him as he shared his expertise on creating video that users will love.

Video is a concept that digital marketers long to know more about, but often shy away from it. But Deandre shared tips he’s learned from his extensive career in video marketing to help us create content – both audio and visual – our audiences will love. It was a crash course, but at only 15 slides, it was a course most of us could manage to digest.

He Even gave us tips on how to improve our selfie game!

The most engaging aspect of his presentation was when he stepped out into the dark venue of the “South Side Music Hall” room, and demonstrated how effective and necessary the proper lighting was to tell an engaging story. And then, we all took selfies together.

State of Search has always been about building and fostering a great community, after all.

In addition to showing us how to take even more engaging selfies, Deandre shared with us the three most important aspects to creating effective video:

  • Stabilization
  • Light
  • Audio


While many video experts are fans of the newest and greatest in video technology and video software, Deandre is a fan of keeping it simple. The best video camera is the one you have. The best video editing software is the one you have, and know how to use. And post your videos where your audience is (and they’re all on Facebook.)

Keep it simple, keep your videos short – within the 60-90 second range (unless your market research says otherwise) and you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging content your users will love.