Party guests will have the opportunity to sing along with The Time Machine Band which bring sounds of pop, funk, rap, rock, and country.

Attention Party People

State of Search to bring the noise, funk

Deep Ellum Mural

DFWSEM has been promising you a killer event in State of Search. And with speakers, an agenda, and a location that can all safely be characterized as “cooler than penguin buns,” it’s a safe bet that promise will be kept.

So let’s talk about the party, y’all.

Be a jukebox hero

The Time Machine Band
Party guests will have the opportunity to sing along with The Time Machine Band which bring sounds of pop, funk, rap, rock, and country.

First of all, we’re offering you your own backing band at the Monday night soirée. That’s right. No $99 karaoke machine and a microphone borrowed from someone’s cousin’s bandmate. We’re bringing in Time Machine. Not only do they rock – maybe even rawk – they offer Rockstar Karaoke as well. You can take the stage, spotlight and all, and live out that secret, junior high fantasy of Top 40 domination.


Oh, no big. Just Trees. You know, the most famous performance venue in Deep Ellum. So you can say you performed on the same stage at The Plain White T’s, GZA from Wu Tang, and Queensrÿche. And Pearl Jam. And Erykah Badu. And Nirvana.

Nirvana. C’mon. You know you wanna.

Trees is a mere six blocks from Life in Deep Ellum, where State of Search will be held, but if the night is too chilly for a walk we’ll have eFrogs ready and waiting to transport you to party central.

And it will be party central. SoSers will get their first two drinks comped. There will be food trucks. There will be classic arcade games. And if you want to bring a friend or just attend the bash, tickets are only $35 for those who aren’t attending the conference.

Doors open at 6:30. The band starts at 7:30. The party don’t start ‘til you walk in.

This is hungry work

The Butcher's Son Food Truck Dallas
The Butcher’s Son will be there for the afterparty, serving their delicious gourmet sandwiches.

All of this excellence, both conference and party, will get your appetite up. Obviously there will be coffee and breakfast available both days – we’re not savages who expect you to function without caffeine – but there’s another perk for the hungry.

Each State of Search attendee will be issued a Visa card that can be used at any of the restaurants in Deep Ellum. And there are a lot of ‘em.

Of course, because this is Texas, there will also be an onsite smoker. Boss Hogg’s BBQ will be turning the parking lot into a culinary time bomb of deliciousness.  The Butcher’s Son will also be onsite serving their gourmet “haute sausage” menu, and we’ve confirmed The Brunch Truck! Because who doesn’t love brunch and sausages?

All this on top of two days full of real, useful, intelligently curated info from an international group of brilliant industry experts. We spoil you. But you’re worth it.

You do have your ticket, don’t you?


Band photo credit courtesy of The Time Machine Band.
Food truck photo credit courtesy of The Butcher’s Son Facebook Page.

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