Mark Traphagen

Mark Traphagen

Mark Traphagen is VP of Product Marketing and Training for SEO platform seoClarity. His love for digital marketing started when he thought he’d invented it while trying to drum up online business for an independent bookstore. After realizing he was merely stumbling upon something that already worked, he fell in love and married SEO later that year.

Mark spoke at State of Search for the past several years and we simply had to get him back. He’s a regular speaker at conferences so his schedule is pretty booked.

Mark is fearless when it comes to marketing strategies. He was once chased by gun-toting Palestinian guards in Jerusalem. We’ve heard it was not marketing related, but reports are sketchy.

He was personally mentored in SEO by such luminaries as Russ Jones and Eric Enge, but despite their influence, he got good at it anyway. With Eric he created Here’s Why, the most-watched digital marketing series on YouTube. They have performed episodes live on stage at two past State of Search conferences, drawing polite laughter from anyone old enough to get their pop culture references.

This year Mark is bringing data and insights State of Search attendees will be the first to see. We always love having him back!