Chris Silver Smith

Chris Silver Smith is founder of Argent Media, a search marketing consultancy located in Dallas, Texas, and has a long history in search engine optimization, online reputation management, internet technology, expert witness consulting and internet marketing. He has worked for some of the top agencies in the field of SEO, researching and developing search optimization and social media marketing techniques, and providing online strategy for Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 500 companies.

Chris also previously worked at Verizon for a decade, and served as head of their technology department. His work there included R&D, local search engine development, UI & UX design, map-based search interfaces, mobile apps, and more. Chris was awarded the Individual Excellence Award by Verizon in 2004 for his SEO projects, and he also has two patents awarded for local search technologies.

Chris regularly contributes articles to Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and the [Ag] Search Blog. Chris currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Universal Business Listing (UBL), and Thomas-Reuters FindLaw’s SEO Advisory Board.