Bryant Garvin

Bryant has over 13 years of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce experience, and his keen insight on harnessing the power of paid advertising has seen him tagged #PPCDictator amongst the PPC chat community, and curiously #HoneyBadgerOfTheInterwebz, along with #PegasusWhisperer.

Most recently Bryant was dubbed the #ThePurpleWizard as he started and lead the advertising team at Purple that has helped garner over a Billion Video views in 2.5 years and many good nights of sleep provided to the masses.

He has worked in-house for Fortune 500 companies like Choice Hotels, as well as up and coming media companies like Purch. He also enjoys consulting for advertisers, including GreenDot, KuruFootwear, Rhone, Groove Rings, and more, where Bryant quietly insists on doing his own stunts.

Bryant is like the Bob Ross of advertising and conversion rate optimization. “Without the right messaging and design when a user gets to a landing page, you are essentially throwing money down the drain” he says. Just happy little conversions everywhere.