Steve Hammer

Steve Hammer

Steve Hammer is President and co-founder of RankHammer, a full service search marketing agency. Steve’s experience in online media and traditional marketing allows a strategic and long-term view of search marketing. He has achieved extraordinary and sustainable results in several competitive online industries often exceeding growth rates in excess of 50% per year.

Prior to RankHammer, Steve held a number of exemplary positions including Director of Search Marketing for ACE Cash Express, General Manager for Stir, and a practicing Chemical Engineer for BASF. He holds a MBA from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management, where he graduated with honors. Steve is very active in the Dallas and Search Marketing community. He is VP of Web Operations for the DFWSEM, and was VP of membership for the Dallas Kellogg Alumni when it won club of the year. He has spoken at numerous meetings and conferences including SMX, SES, Pubcon, Interactive Insights Summit, the Financial Bloggers Conference.

Interview with Steve Hammer

by Taylor Murchison

Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do, and what your company does.

I run RankHammer – A boutique search marketing agency focused on transparent flexible work done by senior staff.  We approach search marketing in a manner that allows us to pivot our engagements to work on the most valuable items rather than a standardized approach. 

What will you be speaking about at the State of Search Conference this year?

Putting the M back in SEM – We have a tendency as an industry to focus on the mechanics of what we do, and can often lose sight of the basics of marketing.  With automation ever encroaching on paid channels, and an increasingly complex SEO landscape that will have more machine learning for ranking we’ll need to move past mechanics.  I’ll be covering some key marketing concepts that will allow us to add the greatest value possible now, and in the AI dominated future.

What are the key takeaways you’d like the audience to get when they come to your session?

  1. Some Key marketing frameworks that allow better messaging.  Jobs to be Done, Customer Journey, and how to structure a positioning statement.
  2. The holistic view of branding – that every interaction we have is part of a consumers view of our brand.  Either we manage it, or it’s going to take over.
  3. Not to fear automation.  It’s going to take the boring parts of our jobs away, and leave us to be creative.