David Mihm

David Mihm

David Mihm has been involved in online marketing since 2000 and search engine marketing since 2003. As his career has evolved, he has increasingly focused on strategies and tactics to help local businesses acquire customers beyond just the search engines.

From 2012-2015, he was Director of Local Search Strategy and led the growth and development of Moz Local.

David is now the VP of Product Strategy at ThriveHive, helping small business owners build their businesses through digital marketing.

He is also a Founder of Tidings, an email newsletter product that helps small businesses–and agency owners–build better newsletters faster. 

State of Search Keynote Highlight: David Mihm

by Dan Bagby

After reviewing over 20,000 Google My Business profiles, David Mihm will be sharing the unique insights and takeaways he learned, including a few that might surprise you. In preparation for his presentation, I asked him a few questions to get a preview of what is to come in his keynote.

After looking at 20,000 Google My Business Profiles you are bound to learn a few insights. David will be sharing the takeaways he learned from doing just that, including a few you might find very exciting. I asked him a few questions to get a preview of what is to come at his keynote.

Have you spoken at State of Search before? 

It will be my first time! I spoke at a DFWSEM monthly event ages ago, but never at the main event. It was an honor to get an invitation as I’ve heard from plenty of past speakers and attendees what a great event it is.

What are you looking forward to at State of Search 2019?

I’ve got a lot of longtime friends in the Dallas SEM industry, so I’d say first and foremost connecting with them. I’m also an advisory board member of SEMpdx, and definitely interested to see how you guys run such a great event to see what we can incorporate into our own annual event (Engage) in future years.

What are some key takeaways you will be sharing from what you learned from looking at over 20,000 Google My Business Profiles?

Well, I want to keep SOME level of suspense for the presentation itself ;). But we found plenty of interesting takeaways:

  • A surprising percentage of small businesses select just a single GMB category, even in highly competitive industries.
  • The feature improvements announced by the GMB team around business photos earlier this summer seem to be having a real impact.
  • Unsurprisingly, review volume seems to have a very strong correlation with GMB performance. The strength of the correlation, however, surprised me at least.

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