Damian Rollison

Damian Rollison

With a background in teaching and technology, Damian has focused his career on building innovative products that help businesses large and small get noticed online. His interest in the space has led to writing and speaking engagements with Street Fight, The Local Search Association, Venture Beat, BIA/Kelsey, SMX, Social Media Strategies, and others. Damian is VP of Product at Brandify.

Interview with Damian Rollison

by Taylor Murchison

Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do, and what your company does.

I’ve been working in product development, partner relationship management, and marketing in the local search industry for about a dozen years. For the last four years I’ve been VP of Product Strategy at Brandify, a company with more than 20 years of experience in local search marketing for multi-location brands. We serve some of the biggest national and international brands by powering store locators, local landing pages, listings, and reputation management services.

What will you be speaking about at the State of Search Conference this year?

I’ll be covering the capabilities of the Google My Business API as well as some of the history behind Google My Business itself which should help to explain why the release of the API in 2015 was such an important milestone. The API has been updated about 10 times since its release, so there are a lot of features to keep track of, as well as a few important differences between the API, the GMB dashboard, and the GMB mobile app. Basically though, the idea is that companies serving both SMB and enterprise clients can really scale up their operations by incorporating the GMB API into their platforms.

What are the key takeaways you’d like the audience to get when they come to your session?

What is the Google My Business API, why you should consider using it, and how it can be used (1) to create an SMB platform for self-service onboarding, or (2) to manage multi-location business data at scale much more efficiently.