Keynote: Greg Gifford

Speaker: Greg Gifford Greg’s keynote will be all about Local Search, but with a different focus than most Local presentations. Tons of marketers do SEO for businesses with physical storefronts, yet they don’t know about Local SEO or don’t think they need it. Greg’s presentation will focus on opening people’s eyes to the fact that they probably need to be doing Local SEO for some (or all) of their clients. It’s also going to talk about entity-based search, and how Google is trying to figure out how to use real-world signals as ranking signals – and how the people doing traditional SEO can look to what’s going on with Local to see what’s coming in the future (since Local SEO has always been entity-based). Lastly, Greg will share some of the new features in GMB that can really help businesses stand out and get more attention. Key takeaways from Greg’s session include:
  • A ton of people need Local SEO and don’t realize it
  • Local SEO helps with mobile search
  • real-world signals will soon outweigh links and content
  • Local Search is a huge part of the zero click search craze
  • GMB is the key to future success in local search