Why the Customer Experience Matters to SEO

Speaker: Casie Gillette of KO Marketing

When we talk about SEO, we talk a lot about the “users” coming to the site or the “audience” we are trying to target. But what about our customers?

As the search landscape evolves and search behavior changes, we have to think about our customers and their experience with our business. They are no longer simply searching in Google – they are asking questions, talking on social, using review sites and making decisions based on what other people are saying.

As search marketers, we need to understand this behavior to create more effective campaigns, write better content, and ensure our business is in the right place.

In this session, Casie Gillette shows you how the customer experience is changing, how it’s impacting search results and why marketers must adapt.

At the end of your session you’ll:

  • Understand key changes in customer behavior
  • Learn how to discover what customers are really searching for (and where)
  • Learn key techniques for integrating SEO and PR for better audience reach

If people are the core of your business (and let’s face it, that’s almost all of us) you’ll be glad you chose this session.