The Mad Science of Paid Search

Speaker: Blake Burch of PMG

In this massive in-depth case study, you’ll hear from the person who used a range of tests and the amazing results that came out of those tests, to help OpenTable transform its paid search program.

In fact it was transformed so completely that it was called out as a key revenue driver for the company during its financial analyst meeting.

PMG’s award-winning data innovation lead, Blake Burch will show you how search marketers can use a scientific process to find key areas of opportunity to not just drive efficiency gains, but in a way that can scale.

You will have your own thinking inspired by hearing examples of how you can:

  • Research correlation between social media posts and search behavior to create relevant PPC optimizations
  • Use geo modifiers at the zip code level to drive cost efficiency
  • Inflate headroom to eliminate unrealized impression share
  • Develop algorithms to automatically look at and use retailer inventory feed data to ensure maximum search coverage