Structured Data A-Z for the Non-Developer

Speaker: Martha van Berkel of Schema App

What is schema markup and why should you care about it?

How do you put structured data to use without needing to learn code and use IT? How can you leverage structured data for additional business intelligence and value?

Adopting schema markup has valuable benefits to your organic search performance, but is also a strategic investment that will help you gain insights into your overall business and your customers’ online journey. You don’t have to know how to code JSON-LD or have a huge IT budget to adopt it. You can do it yourself, as a digital marketer, with the right tools and strategy.

In this eye-opening session, Martha van Berkel will discuss ROI, Strategy, How-to and Business Intelligence.

Use cases within Google continue to expand, quarter over quarter – Martha will share the most common outcomes, and some newer use cases. You’ll learn how schema markup informs your knowledge graph and why this is important.

Martha will show you how schema markup helps increase quality of traffic and level of engagement, what to measure, and the impact of schema on organic search rank.

Explore the latest research on who is leading in schema markup, the challenges they face, and how to overcome those challenges with actionable recommendations.

Martha will walk you through the process of generating a schema markup strategy and you will leave with a draft strategy for your site. And there’s no need to worry about your coding skills. Martha says “Schema Markup is code. To create awesome schema markup, you should focus on your strategy, content and measurement, and less time on code and deployment. I’ll share tools and strategies on how to do schema markup without knowing code and some real life case studies.”

You’ll discover the power of semantic analytics, and learn how business teams, like marketing, promotions, and product teams can use schema markup to enrich their analytics to get true business insights.

This is a session packed with information and insights, tips and tactics. Based on real life stories, with case studies. You’ll see how various types of organizations overcame different challenges…without writing code, and while gaining new business value.