Keynote – Rants and Raves – Twenty Years In The Making

Speaker: Bill Hunt of Back Azimuth Consulting

When Bill Hunt started in Search there was no manual so, as he tells it “we made it up as we went along”.

Over 20+ years in Search, there have been key successes, failures, opportunities and more importantly, missed opportunities, that have shaped his career. In that time Bill has built, grown and sold multiple agencies, won Fortune 100 clients and generated billions in search influenced revenue.

Today Bill is concerned that an industry like ours, now in its mature phase, is very fractured and in a funk.  In his own words:

We have over a million people with some sort of responsibility related to Search Marketing and we are one of the most advanced yet disorganized industries out there.

Bill wants us to become champions for search and find ways to somehow take Search, the single largest traffic driver for many companies, to a place where it will get the respect and attention it deserves. Are some of us going through the motions of search without a strategy or process? Are some charging too little, mismanaging growth or sales potential,  or doing things that actually hurt us or our clients’ business? More important, what’s causing the problem, and how to do we stop it from happening?

Not surprisingly, Bill draws on his experience to highlight the issues, offer tried and true solutions, and explain how you can apply them in your own journey.

Whether you run a search agency, in-house team or are a sole practitioner, you are guaranteed to get new ideas to help you gain a competitive advantage for your business, company and career.