Is Digital Marketing Ground Zero for Mental Health Issues

Speaker: Steve Hammer

We have a uniquely difficult job as digital marketers, and that translates into a high risk of depression and other mental health issues.

Reliable studies prove people highly active in social media are 2.5x as likely to be diagnosed with depression, entrepreneurs are 3x as likely to have depression, and creative types are more prone to it as well. In essence, being in digital marketing might make us exponentially more prone to mental health issues, yet very few talk about it. It’s hard as an agency owner to talk openly, and Steven Hammer thinks it’s time for that to change.

In this session Steven will share his personal story of what many might have considered a great moment and how it sent him into a tailspin that he didn’t understand. In the process of this Steven says “I nearly wrecked my agency until I could accept my issues and deal with them in a constructive manner.”

He has come up with a number of ways to deal with the stress and frustration that led to this, and sincerely believes an honest and open conversation like this can be powerful for many people in our line of work. Since he has addressed it, Steven says his agency is back on the growth path and doing better than ever.

When describing this session Steven told us

Some might laugh, some might cry, but if a talk like this can reach one person that needs to hear it, I’ll feel it was the best presentation I’ve ever done.

You will learn so many important things from this very special presentation:

  • Depression isn’t a fault or flaw. You aren’t weak because you admit to depression. It’s a serious disease that untreated can have dire consequences.
  • Personal techniques for dealing with stress and other triggers. It’s not a way out of depression, but many find it helps.
  • There are others in this industry who feel the same way. We support each other in help with tactics all the time. We can support each other in this as well.

Steven says the support he’s gotten from the industry is a big part of his personal recovery.