How to Scale Editorial Content

Speaker: Kelsey Jones of Moxiedot

Websites and organizations know there is a lot behind the scenes that makes content great.

What’s more, many large organizations often have a blog that isn’t tended to, or they have some success with it but don’t have a real strategy.

Utilizing her experience from managing Search Engine Journal and working with large brands like Salesforce, Kelsey Jones will give you real examples of how to create a large-scale editorial strategy, how to work with paid and unpaid contributors. And she’ll show you how to test whether or not content, titles, and other essential components of a successful online publication are working for your goals.

There’s no better way to understand the challenges you face, and the smartest way to overcome them, than listening to someone who’s been doing it successfully for years.

Attend this session with Kelsey Jones to learn:

  • The critical importance of the basics of an editorial strategy
  • how to create editorial guidelines
  • Which metrics to evaluate when deciding what content to create and promote
  • How to handle sticky situations (angry contributors, partnership offers, team members who don’t meet deadlines)

If editorial content is a significant part of your marketing strategy, there is no way you can afford to miss this one.