How I Use PPC to Close PPC Deals (or Grow Any Business)

Speaker: Sean Dolan of PushFire

Seize this opportunity to have Sean Dolan walk you through the exact process he uses to identify a good market in need of PPC.

You’ll see examples of real markets he’s fishing in, ads he’s using as bait, landing pages he’s using to convert leads. Sean will show you real CPAs of his own money, the call center he’s using to filter calls, and the processes he uses to organize his pipeline, sell his services, and get deals. Everythin you need to know. Soup to nuts.

This process will be relevant to any freelancers or service providers (content writer/video, social media, SEOs, your tool, or anything else).

Sean is committed to giving you a “No BS” session. In his own words – “here’s the roadmap, get your ass in gear, and do it….y’all.”

By the end of this session you know how to:

  • Find the niche to exploit.
  • Sell yourself even though it isn’t easy – suck it up and do it anyway.
  • Choose your community wisely. You’re the average of the 5 people you hang around, so hang around people who help you lift that average.

This session on its own is worth the price of a ticket to State of Search.