Building a Cross-Channel Agency: Combining SEO and PPC Into a Lead Gen Machine

Speaker: John Leo Weber of Geek Powered Studios

Whether yours is an agency or in-house team, you’re probably familiar with traditional company structures.

Departments typically operate independently of each other – and because of it, leave money on the table, either for bosses or for clients.

As Director of Digital at Geek Powered Studios, John Leo Weber’s solution was to combine departments into multi-functional teams, so SEO, PPC, Design, and campaign strategists were forced to work together at every step of the account life cycle. The result was amazing.

SEO teams learned PPC and vice-versa. Content marketing teams began to replace time consuming outreach strategies with paid targeting which led to hundreds of thousands more visits to clients’ websites. By combining paid and organic strategy, the agency developed a lean, powerful way to drive traffic and revenue.

In this session, John Leo shares his experience, showing you how he reorganized a multi-million dollar company to improve processes and grow client accounts. As you listen to this presentation you’ll see that any agency or in-house team can do the same, and is pretty much guaranteed to benefit.

Be ready to take LOTS of notes as John shows you:

  • How to reorganize a marketing team to combine SEO and Paid efforts
  • How to set up a cross-channel campaign to replace your old school outreach methods
  • How Geek Powered Studios uses cross-channel campaigns to generate new clients for the agency at $3 per lead.
  • How to use cheap paid targeting to close more business with your existing organic content.

You’ll see real examples of cross-channel campaigns that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients. And you’ll be itching to go away and start planning how you can use what you’ve learned to drive growth for your company!