Battle of the Third Party Platforms

Speaker: Natalie Barreda of Point It

With so much technology available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to sort through and choose which tools to use.

In this session, paid search expert Natalie Barreda weighs in on some of the most popular industry platforms (e.g. Kenshoo, Adobe, Marin, Acquisio, etc.) and give an honest review of each. You’ll learn about some of the pros and cons of each platform, general cost implications, standout features (i.e. portfolio bidding, optimization, reporting, etc.) and what each platform may work best for – and all from someone who actually utilizes them on the daily!

Get to know which platforms to consider for your SMB or large-scale accounts, international or local accounts, conversion tracking and revenue modeling, automated bidding, reporting, and more! This session will speak to the intermediate to advanced SEM Pro audience with an emphasis on daily doers and decision makers.

Whether yours is a SMB (small or medium sized business) or large-scale advertiser, this session is designed to help you vet an advertising platform.

By session end you will better understand:

  • Pros and cons of each platform
  • General cost implications
  • Standout features of each platform (i.e. portfolio bidding, optimization, reporting, etc.)
  • What type of business/account each platform may work best for

If you need to make decisions about the paid search tools used in your business or agency, this session is a must-see