Are You Really Prepared for the Future of Voice Search

Speaker: Jon Earnshaw of Pi Datametrics

By 2020 up to 50% of all queries are predicted to be performed via voice search.

While we’re all aware voice search is on the increase, it seems we’re still burying our heads in the sand when it comes to making changes to the way we write for online.

Some businesses are losing out already!

The impact of this on our voice-driven organic traffic and revenues could be potentially catastrophic, if we’re unprepared.

Voice search is changing the way we engage with multiple entities including search engines, and we’re fast abandoning the old fashioned keyword game! We’re approaching a tipping point.

For over 12 months Jon Earnshaw has been monitoring the SERPs (search engine results pages) for standard keyword queries and comparing these with their more ambiguous voice equivalents.

While there are some sites that perform well for both types of query, others only perform well for one or the other. If you’re relying on traffic from the old keyword game while your customers adopt voice and you don’t prepare – you stand to lose up to 50% of your traffic!

So what’s the secret to positioning well for both types of query, and preparing for the future of search?

Google says you can’t optimize for Rankbrain, BUT you can break out of the ‘Keyword game’ cycle using good sense.

Somewhere between the standard approach of old fashioned keyword theming, and the forward-thinking approach of ‘Getting inside the mind of the searcher’ there’s a sweet spot to be found. And in that sweet spot lies visibility and revenue!

In this session Jon will use real, current data and examples to examine how Google’s disambiguation is evolving from a search engine perspective, and the extent to which it is improving or not.

You’ll learn the current impact of voice search on your visibility, how you can really prepare for the future, which changes are going to work, and most importantly, how long you got to make it happen.