Analytics in the Mobile Age

Speaker: Jenny Halasz of JLH Marketing

When the most major change to Google’s algorithm since RankBrain rolls out, they’re aiming for a position neutral impact.

In other words, Google would like to roll out the change to the mobile first index without impacting rankings of sites for a bit while they test it. This means webmasters will be left scratching their heads about what actually changed. But if you attend this session with Jenny Halasz you’ll learn how to use your Google Analytics data to uncover key learnings about your site’s true performance on mobile.

This session will include a step by step how-to for creating specific filters, segments, and reports, all geared toward mobile. Jenny will explain how to interpret these reports for actionable insights you can implement before Google starts changing positions as a result.

These reports are available today, and can be implemented prior to, during, or after the rollout of mobile-first.

You’ll get access to a free dashboard specifically designed for mobile, and by session end you’ll know exactly what metrics to look at to measure success, and why Google’s basic mobile segment is a trap.

And as a special bonus, Jenny will share her thoughts on why AMP isn’t good enough.