Advanced Technical SEO – Going Deeper to Deliver Outstanding Results

Speaker: Bartosz Góralewicz of Elephate

Bartosz Góralewicz has helped clients increase traffic for large, international brands 8 ­to 10 times through investing in deep, technical SEO.

In this session he will share an actionable list of SEO techniques you can implement for your organization to boost visibility. The entire presentation is based on case studies from medium and large international brands.

During the course of this session Bartosz will show you how Technical SEO delivers outstanding visibility boosts, especially for medium and large websites.

You’ll also learn how easy it is to scale and repeat results from the case studies provided with the list of actions Bartosz will share.

The stunning truth is, Technical SEO delivers ROI, sometimes as soon as within 2 months.

This session alone is worth the price of your ticket to State of Search, many times over.