The Shotgun Wedding of PR and SEO: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Scott BaradellThe marriage of PR and SEO has been officially consummated, with Google’s relentless algorithm changes serving as the shotgun driving SEO professionals, often kicking and screaming, to the public relations altar.  But is it a union built to last, or a marriage of convenience that is likely to fall apart quicker than you can say “Kardashian”?  In this insightful, challenging and humorous presentation, Idea Grove president Scott Baradell takes a hard look at the trends driving SEO and PR together, as well as the historically divergent personalities and goals of SEO and PR professionals that threaten to make the combination a rocky one. Baradell will also offer candid, practical advice for building a successful relationship between PR and SEO — making it a marriage that can work within an integrated agency, as an agency partnership, or within a corporate marketing department.

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