SEO and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven

Brett SnyderWe’re all familiar with the argument that social factors are not (currently) used in determining organic ranking in search engines. However, there is a clear and undeniable correlation between sites with strong social media signals and optimal visibility in search. In a world of integrated marketing, social media and SEO can no longer be viewed as independent disciplines but rather must be embraced as complementary mediums focused on the same end goal: authentic user engagement.

This session will approach social media as an extension of your SEO strategy, demonstrating how to identify and connect with key influencers that serve as the foundation of any promotional campaign. We will focus on initiating and cultivating relationships with these key influencers, soliciting feedback and engaging in dialogue to give your promotional asset the best possible chance to reach your target audience. We’ll address strategies for engaging with users not only within the ultra-popular Facebook and Twitter networks but also industry-specific niche communities to connect with users on their turf and on their terms. We’ll explore how social media lends essential insights into the wants, needs, and desires of your target consumer and investigate strategies for leveraging those insights as part of your overall marketing plan.

SEO and social media are intrinsically linked, ultimately pursuing the same consumers and the same objectives. Whether you’re a business owner, a marketing professional, or somewhere in between this session will enrich your understanding of the social nature of our digital world and empower you with the tools needed to create sustainable relationships that support your digital marketing goals.

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