Search & Social Secrets with Photos and Video

Giovanni GallucciAfter spending over a decade developing effective spam and link bait, and teaching others how to do the same, Giovanni Gallucci walked away from the grayest edges of online marketing, his soul sucked dry by the endless need to make numbers for the sake of numbers. The relentless march to create new ways to trick people into clicking on links for clients in an effort to sell a widget just didn’t do it for him anymore. He dove head-first into video, photography and music if for no other reason but to save himself from turning into a cog in the wheel of the mindless online marketing machine. He was also bored with it all.

Today, Giovanni has re-emerged in the social media marketing space with a process that is deceptively simple. He’s here to show it to you.

In this presentation, Giovanni Gallucci will use his personal experiences and industry insights to provide a picture of what he does to be successful in today’s online photo & video climate. As always, he’ll bring you practical tips about how to create and deliver content effectively by developing new audiences and winning an Emmy Award and over a dozen Telly Awards in two years. You’ll see what he does, how he does it and what tools he uses to get it done. You’ll learn about who is watching, where they are watching, how engaged they are, what has changed over the past few years, where we are seeing the biggest shifts in audience, what they want based upon their viewing habits, and how develop the right content for your audience?

This is Giovanni’s first major presentation to a marketing audience in over three years. He’s got a lot of new things to teach.

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