National vs. Local Paid Search: How To Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Jim HalliganDigital marketing is becoming more localized in many ways, and paid search is no exception. Mobile technology advancements and increasing user adoptions rates, search engine algorithm changes, and several other factors all signal an internet that is becoming more locally-focused. Consumers are no longer simply searching for general products and services, but rather products and services that they can find near their current location in order to satisfy their needs. However, when it comes marketing to these people it appears many brands and marketers have failed to adjust their paid search strategies accordingly. As many brands continue to pour even more marketing dollars into simplistic, blanket-approach paid search campaigns, not only are they failing to reach their key consumer targets but are wasting a tremendous amount of money in the process.

In this session, Jim Halligan will teach attendees how proper alignment of your brand on both national and locally-targeted paid search campaigns ensures consistency in messaging, drives more qualified traffic, reduces wasteful spending, and ultimately creates more conversions for your business.

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