Beating Google By Using Google – A Solution To Adwords’ Close Variant Change

Alan MorteAdwords is making phrase and exact match keywords permanently show for misspellings, plurals, and other close variants starting at the end of September in 2014.

This is most likely going to negatively effect ROI out of the gate for PPC marketers until they find a solution.

Currently, most PPC marketers use keyword planning tools to build both keyword and negative keyword lists. Since they’ll be losing keyword control due to the setting change, what can be done to regain some control?

Well, PPC marketers will need to become more effective with what they have. So what do they have that prevents ads from showing?

Setting changes and negative keywords. I think PPC marketers suck at the latter, which is why I want to help them automate finding new negative keywords.

You see, most fail to use the “See All Search Terms” report religiously. This report helps show you see actual queries that triggered your ad and their related metrics. Reviewing this to find clearly underperforming queries can boost your ROI.

Only problem is that this is time consuming and can’t be automated in the Adwords interface!


It can be automated using search query data reports by referencing the Adwords API and using SuperMetrics Data Grabber and Excel.

I’ll show attendees how to automate the process of obtaining massive search query reports across any combination of campaigns in Adwords / Bing Ads. The best part is that these reports never have to be changed and can be updated with one click.

Simply reference and look for new negative keywords every week with the click of a button.

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