Social Media Strategy: Strategically Defining Your Social Media Tactics

Speaker:Randall Turner
Summary:This session is equally valuable for agencies and businesses. We at Advice Interactive are constantly presented with social media reluctance, and this is normally the reaction from failed social media campaigns. More importantly, the failed social media campaigns are reflective of failed tactics, not because of failed strategies. More often than not, there were never strategies in place to begin with, and this session should be a great guide to understanding the differences between strategies and tactics. We will explain how to construct a successful social media strategy that defines, and redefines, your social media tactics.
Action Item 1:Learn the differences in Social Media Strategies and Social Media Tactics.
Action Item 2:
Learn the marketing importance of Social Media in 2013 and looking into 2014.
Action Item 3:Learn great examples of companies using Social Media to progress their business, and how you can do the same.