Selling #RCS to Your Boss: Creating, Pitching, and Analyzing Impact

Speaker:Wil Reynolds
Summary:Real company stuff (RCS) are the types of marketing tactics that get news coverage, a home run, the BIG win, and all of us in search want to get there. If we open our eyes and ears, we'll realize that it's out there - all around us. With the way "SEO" has changed, we need to be more holistic and think like marketers who have something of value to offer. This presentation will be a review SEER wins and losses: how we pitched, how we got buy-in, the resulting impact, and what we learned. There won't be any more theory, just real examples of RCS, in the flesh.
Action Item 1:How SEER creates linkable ideas.
Action Item 2:What to do when an idea doesn't move.
Action Item 3:How to value impact.