Organization for Enhanced PPC Management

Speaker:Aaron Levy
Summary:It's baffling at how much running a sound advertising campaign is just like running a quick, clean, effective restaurant. This presentation will explore tactics employed by top restaurant chefs across the world, how they've been applied to real world paid search campaigns for data organization & analysis and how you can apply them to your own ppc efforts both big and small. Tips will include: * How to label meticulously to minimize waste and maximize "return on effort" * Why to test small, and how to find insights based on limited data * How to prepare for any unexpected situation around your brand * What to craft "from scratch" vs. a prepared solution * Establishing test hypotheses and goal criteria, and how to determine success * Dealing with the hand you're dealt - how to stay "out of the weeds."
Action Item 1:Advanced use of AdWords labels & related pivot tactics.
Action Item 2:Strategy for testing with small datasets instead of large: how to garner insights without spending a ton.
Action Item 3:Data analysis techniques to find opportunities in Enhanced Campaigns.