How to Leverage Data to Rock the Customer Experience

Speaker:Bryan Eisenberg
Summary:Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have been leveraging massive amounts of data to dominate their respective industries. For example, Amazon uses big data to improve what products to highlight, how to deliver products at a better price than most of its competitors, how to ship more effectively, and how to merchandize more persuasively. As a search and social marketer we must keep in mind that at the time the user does a query, Google has tons of additional data to help them decide which SERP listing or ad is most likely to elicit a click from that particular user based on the time of day, previous searches and many other factors. It's a "Big Data" prediction algorithm and content marketers & advertisers would do well to apply some of these same methodologies for picking successful content & ads to ensure users get value. Google is kept happy, and more sales are generated. Big data has the potential to impact every aspect of your business. In this session, we'll explore: How search algorithms have evolved over time how you can leverage big data what tools are available how to act on big data insights in real time We'll cover everything search marketers need to know about big data for marketing and sales but might have been afraid to ask. No analyst skills required.
Action Item 1:How you can leverage big data.
Action Item 2:What tools are available.
Action Item 3:How to act on big data insights in real time.