Efficient PPC Management Through Automation

Speaker:Steve Hammer
Summary:AdWords offers us the ability to manage or accounts through automated rules. Not only can these rules save us time, they can allow us access to functionality such as hourly copy updates and external data integrations. These techniques and tools can open up adwords to new possibilities. Done right, we can focus on insight generation and creative ideas instead of brute force execution.
Action Item 1:How to generate insights quickly using filters and segments.
Action Item 2:The path to rule based automation.
Action Item 3:The basic mechanics and power of AdWords scripting.
Speaker:Andrew Goodman
Summary:Successful PPC campaign management hinges on a timeless variable: who is running your campaign? Get the wrong people on any bus, and your company is bound to fail. That being said, the smartest people in the world need systems and big data to keep up with the complexity of the digital ad marketplace. This session helps you navigate a common-sense path between cottage-industry, fully manual approaches, and the black box "total automation" advocated by some tool vendors.
Action Item 1:Learn to create interesting bid rules you hadn't thought of.
Action Item 2:Put new sophistication into your ad testing.
Action Item 3:Learn the specific pitfalls of black box automation.