Black Hat LinkedIn Strategies for World Domination

Speaker:Jabez LeBret
Summary:When it comes to social strategies LinkedIn is the most underdeveloped opportunity. From groups to organic results on LinkedIn, for some reason people still do not know how to leverage this massive social network. This session is going to dive into the theory of LinkedIn marketing coupled with actionable tactics that any size firm can use to leverage the highest average gross income network. Since LinkedIn is dramatically different from Twitter, Facebook, and most ad platforms, your approach to this network requires a strong understanding of both the LinkedIn user and their habits.
Action Item 1:SEO and LinkedIn - Endorsements, Links, Summary, and where you can expect to see results.
Action Item 2:The New Company Pages - How they changed and why it matters Creating Your Own Group and Selling the $#%& Out of It - This is awesome, seriously.
Action Item 3:Stealing Groups - yes, yes you can. How to Not Suck at LinkedIn: Things you are most likely doing that are hurting your LinkedIn results.