Speaker: Tom Shapiro of Stratabeat

What happens when doing the right marketing is the wrong thing to do?

This session will explore real-life examples of companies that were wholly dedicated to their digital marketing efforts, yet were doing more damage to their brands than good.

When you optimize what’s mediocre, all you get is more mediocrity. Sometimes, you need to rethink your marketing to fix your brand at the core and unleash revenue growth.

Join Stratabeat CEO Tom Shapiro and learn strategies for rethinking your audience segments, your metrics, your marketing mix, and more. Once armed with this information you will be ready to eliminate obstacles to growth and of open the floodgates of increased traffic, engagement, and revenue.

You will learn:

* How to uncover what your audience truly cares about.
* How to apply a framework for identifying where your current marketing is preventing you from maximizing results.
* How to discover key areas where you can rethink your marketing to unleash revenue growth.